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Katheyondu Shuruvagide (2018 ) :Comedy,Romance 133 .
:Senna Hegde
:Diganth Pooja Devariya Ashwin Rao Pallaki Shreya Anchan
: A young resort owner, Tarun, is going through a rough time and tries to deal with disappointments, failures, and struggles of his life. In the process of doing so, he strikes up a great  
Vallavanukkum Vallavan (2018 ) :Drama .
:Vijay Tesingu
:Pooja Devariya Bobby Simha Shivada Nair Napolean
Andhra Mess (2018 ) :Comedy .
:Raj Bharath Pooja Devariya Kasthuri Vinoth Munna
: Four criminals abscond with the money that they have stolen on a job, and end up in a remote village. Meanwhile, the gangster under whom they work is trying to trace their whereabouts.
Aandavan Kattalai (2016 ) :Drama 151 .
:M. Manikandan
:Vijay Sethupathi Ritika Singh Pooja Devariya Nassar
: Gandhi and Pandi decided to get a passport and travel to London to get rid of debts in their village. Things didn't happened has they planned.
Kuttrame Thandanai (2016 ) :Crime,Drama,Mystery 100 .
:M. Manikandan
:Vidharth Pooja Devariya Aishwarya Rajesh Rahman
: A young man with a visual impairment uses his other heightened senses to unravel a murder mystery.
Mo (2016 ) :Comedy,Horror 136 .
:Bhuvan Nullan R.
:Yogi Babu Pooja Devariya Mime Gopi Munishkanth
: Three friends who con people by exploiting their fear of ghosts are hired by a man to scare his business rival. However, things change after the three encounter a real ghost.
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