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Greenpool (2018 ) :Action,Sci-Fi 65 .
:Jacob Jean
:Michael Green Jacob Jean Chris Netherton Evan Redditt
: Michael is sad after the death of his father, but then striker has decided to end the reign of the world, now it's up to Michael to become his own superhero.
The Backslide (2018 ) :Comedy 83 .
:Adam LeHouillier
:Justin Marshall Elias Atlee Feingold Ron Ramsey Beau Dawson
: When the single life in Los Angeles becomes too much to bear alone, a meter maid and a fanny pack designer rekindle their failed relationship.
Moma's Spirit (2018 ) :Action,Horror 80 .
:Robert L. Parker III
:A. Michelle Harleston Daughter Robert Parker IV Timberly Hope
: A horror film starring Michelle Harleston from Olympus Has Fallen
In Their Eyes (2018 ) :Horror 92 .
:Thomas Hill
:Bronwyn Kilcrease David Woods Ruben Wehunt Mia Rutledge
: Betsy and Marissa struggle to live after surviving captivity at the hands of a father/son serial killer duo.
Do's and Don'ts of Dating (2018 ) :Comedy .
:Jonathan Milton
:Chico Benymon Jalene Mack Tonyai Palmer Jantel Fontenot
Raoul Wallenberg Tragic Hero or Agent 103? (2018 ) :Drama 720 .
:Malga Kubiak
:Börje Lundberg Alexi Carpentieri Malga Kubiak Emily Kuhnke
: Raoul Wallenberg born 1912 Stockholm is send to Budapest 1944 July. His job is to save Jewish from Holocaust, his methods are non conventional. January 1945 arrested by Russians at Budapest Siege. Man who saved lives never returns home.
Marla Puli (2018 ) :Drama 127 .
:D. Ramakrishna
:Bhanu Sri Varun Sandesh Veda Archana Sastry
Hammi Beel (2018 ) :Thriller .
:Ibrahim Laag
:Jamal Hassan Hamze Garaad Mahmed Hassan Omar Laag
: Smuggling and illegal migrant is a national disaster that destroyed all goals and hopes of the Somaliland teenagers/youth which cause a very critical hard situation of our life,
Flicker Free (2018 ) : .
:Ricky Lewis Jr.
:Elvy Yost Josh Danziger Rosemary Gearheart Josh Burns
Kusal (2018 ) :Drama,Family .
:Arjuna Kamalanath
:Arjuna Kamalanath Ameesha Kavindi Anura Dharmasiriwardena Thivru Dissanayake
Jal?n (2018 ) :Drama .
:Adam Chadwick
:Vanesa Tomasino Estuardo Tale Andrea Tale Samuel Hernández Campos
: The movie follows a day in the life of a Salvadoran taxi driver, Gabriela Rodriguez. Surviving in El Salvador is Gaby's priority, but protecting her family can come at a great cost as she gets pulled through many directions.
Mandao of the Dead (2018 ) :Comedy,Horror,Sci-Fi 75 .
:Scott Dunn
:Alexandre Chen David Gallegos Sean Liang Scott Dunn
: Jay Mandao and his adult nephew Jackson use astral projection to reverse a ghost's death on Halloween.
Dollhouse: The Eradication of Female Subjectivity from American Popular Culture (2018 ) :Animation,Comedy,Music 77 .
:Nicole Brending
:Nicole Brending Sydney Bonar Aneikit Bonnel Erik Hoover
: The disturbingly entertaining feature debut of director Nicole Brending, DOLLHOUSE: THE ERADICATION OF FEMALE SUBJECTIVITY FROM AMERICAN POPULAR CULTURE charts the rise and fall of  
Sacrifice (2018 ) :Thriller 79 .
:Alexandre Gay
:Theodore Bouloukos Reggie P. Louis Benoit Buisson Nicolas Meneux
: Matthew Summers (Reginald P. Louis), a loving father and husband, is held captive by James Campbell (Theodore Bouloukos, Best Supporting Actor 2014 accolade in The New Yorker), the ruthless head of the all-powerful Campbell Corporation, who accuses him of the murder of his brother. In the name of his family, James will push Matthew beyond his limits, who will have to do what needs to be done for  
Verte Partir (2018 ) :Drama 72 .
:Javier Huerta
:Paulina Antúnez Paulo Olvera Carlos Hoeflich Melina Huerta
Zombieapocalyptica (2018 ) :Action,Comedy,Horror 86 .
:Ray Klein
:MYC Agnew Dennis Carter Jr. Ray Klein Patrick Yager
: Can an ordinary man with unlimited ammo, stop an extraordinary madman with a zombie army?
Timeless (201 ) :Drama 60 .
:Hilnando Mendes
:Pedro Lamin Paola Molinari Camila Márdila Gabriel Pardal
: The film is a psychological drama that flirts with science fiction and approaches the delicate universe of João (Gabriel Pardal) a guy that tries to put a somewhat unusual plan into  
Gutterbug (2018 ) :Crime,Drama .
:Andrew Gibson
:Andrew Yackel Justin Pietropaolo Hannah Mosqueda Paul Kandarian
Cold Comfort (2018 ) :Thriller .
:Brandon Rhiness
:Skylar Radzion Griffin Cork Madison Nyenhuis Murray Farnell
: A young woman, kidnapped and held in a basement, must use all her wits to control the situation from the confines of her cell and get out alive.
Sea Monsters 2 (2018 ) :Animation .
: On a adventure that goes terribly wrong that causes the fish to change their priorities that causes the city to wonder about the town hero.
Almost Christmas (2018 ) :Comedy,Drama 90 .
:Francesco Lagi
:Silvia D'Amico Francesco Colella Anna Bellato Leonardo Maddalena
: Three siblings meet after a long time in their family house few days before Christmas because their mother wants to tell them one more thing before she dies. A young woman joins them by  
Red Ink (2018 ) :Drama,History 50 .
:Seth Friedman
:Charles Richard Landers Brook Bobbitt Shelby Becker Roger Ranalli
: After screenwriter Thomas Clark (Chuck Landers), releases a hit film in May of 1950, everything is looking up until he gets put on the Hollywood Blacklist.
An Island Named Desire (2018 ) :Comedy,Romance .
:James Prineas
:Giorgos Papageorgiou Ella Cook Poppy Koroneou Georgos Koroneos
H?kago senki (2018 ) :Horror 115 .
:Junpei Tsuchida
:Narumi Akizuki Kokoro Aoshima Nina Endô Miori Ichikawa
: It is not Tag. It is not Battle Royale. It is Battle Royale Tag. Sena walks up to the school rooftop to return Yudachi's handkerchief. Yudachi is not there and Sena falls asleep waiting. It  
Destiny's Daughter (2018 ) :Drama .
:Michael Lee Buie
:Brandon Marski Jasmyne Williams
Secrets of a Small Town (2018 ) :Drama,Mystery,Thriller .
: Inspired by the best-selling book by Jerry Biederman.
Wenn Fliegen tr?umen (2018 ) :Comedy,Drama .
:Katharina Wackernagel
:Katharina Wackernagel Thelma Buabeng Marie Burchard Zoltan Paul
Kitchen Light (2018 ) :Drama .
:Jay Bird Tanya Hendy
:Jack Matthews Natasha Arancini Tanya Hendy Noelle Rego
: In the kitchen of the Dryburgh family home, three generations of Dryburghs and their visitors move through the ins-and-outs of middle-class Australian life. When events turn for the worst,  
Every Night & Every Day (2018 ) :Drama 90 .
:Thomas Zoeschg
:Stephen Howard Janine Venable Lisa Roumain Tim DeZarn
: HANK, late 50's, has been out of love with his long time wife, LINDA, for quite some time but it was second spring for him when he met PATRICIA. As Hank commits to take Patricia and himself  
Sirb al-Hamam (2018 ) :Action 98 .
:Ramadhan Khusrooh
:Bashshar Al-Shatti Dawood Husayn
: During the brutal Iraqi invasion of Kuwait, a group of Kuwaiti resistance groups gather in their home, just to be discovered by Iraqi military forces, attacking the house and facing them with tanks.
Chabiwala: The Keysmith (2018 ) :Drama .
:Raja Ghosh
:Amrita Chattopadhyay Dhritiman Chatterjee Rahul Banerjee Subhasish Mukherjee
Jeunesse aux coeurs ardents (2018 ) :Comedy,Drama 146 .
:Cheyenne Carron
:Arnaud Jouan André Thieblemont Priscilla Chéron Caroni Pascal Elso
Freak City (2018 ) :Comedy .
:Andreas Kannengießer
:Birgit Stauber Julia Effertz Judith Hoersch Heiko Pinkowski
Twitcher (2018 ) :Thriller .
:Toni Hudson Eliana Ghen Wanda Morganstern Clay Edmund Kraski
: After witnessing a murder, a father and daughter clean-up crew, must survive through the night. Meanwhile, two detectives are on the case as they try to piece together the remains left behind by the killer.
Serena Waits (2018 ) :Horror .
:Hunter Johnson
:Lara Jean Gregory Blair Tiffani Fest Colton Wheeler
: When an alcohol fueled hook up takes a violent and horrifying turn, three college athletes find themselves haunted by the very girl they left for dead.
Alaudhinin Arputha Camera (2018 ) :Action,Drama,Fantasy .
:Anandhi Athiyappan Siva Naveen S. Nanthagopal
The Firefly and the Bride (2018 ) :Comedy 79 .
:Chuck Facas
:Jason Fuchs Kara Jackson Naama Kates Martin Shakar
: It's Friday night in New York City. Baby's fiance has gone missing. Low-rent hustlers converge on a backroom poker game. Will Baby find love? Is the deck stacked? Are the cards marked? Only The Firefly knows for sure.
Safe Harbour Amsterdam (2018 ) :Drama .
:Jack Luceno
:Jack Luceno Gareth Harwood Daan van Dugteren Alex Balanchine
: A darkly comedic feature. For decades artists, guys on the run came to Amsterdam chasing dreams. For some easy money took a front seat to art. Yet things are desperate. A young traveler forces them to confront who they really are.
The Patriarch (2018 ) :Horror .
:Jason Anthony Fisher
:Alvaro Orlando Michael Cutt Gus Langley Adriane McLean
: Kyle, a snoopy young father suspects his new neighbor, Alan Milton, also a family man, of being a serial killer.
Don't Run (2018 ) :Horror 85 .
:Ben Rood
:Charlotte Arnold Holly Arnold Grant Brooks Cody Cheatwood
: A boy is trapped in his house with a monster that will kill him if he isn't in bed by nightfall.
Hetket (2018 ) :Drama .
:Sami Pöyry
:Saara Elina Jari Manninen Mirja Oksanen Jere Saarela
Agent Kelly (2018 ) :Thriller 80 .
:James Smith
:Mia Mills Ed Bergtold Alejandro Albarracín Caroline Spence
: A female assassin who avenged the killing of a friend now becomes the hunted.
Benden bu kadar (2018 ) : .
The Last Hit (2018 ) :Crime .
:Evan Morton
:Kevin Jones Andrew Christiansen Jared Newman Joshua Richard
: A Hitman seeks his way out of the mob to start a family, but finds out that his last target is a med student that happens to be his fiancee's brother. He must find a way out caught between two battling mobs and three families.
Mannar Valaikuda (2018 ) :Adventure .
:Jesse Fox Allen 'Ganja' Karuppu Ghazhali Chandra Louisa
Reflections (2018 ) :Drama .
:Ryan Konig
:Andrew Vinogradsky Madeleine Murphy L.J. Moses Matthew DeHoff
: A disillusioned young man attempts to recall the events of his evening after he wakes up in the middle of the night with short-term memory loss.
Clara (2018 ) :Action 9 .
:Matthew Gaines
:Sara Demers Simon Brassard Simon Boucher Steve Robillard
: Une jeune femme, assaillie de visions inquiétantes et poursuivie par des agents paramilitaires, apprend maîtriser ses aptitudes surnaturelles.
Taiwan yori ai wo komete (2018 ) :Drama .
:Keigo Mihara
:Motoki Ochiai Takurô Ôno Natsumi Okamoto
Proyecciones (2018 ) :Drama .
:Mateo Matarasso
:Melisa Vazquez Axel Emilien Eduardo Perilli Catalina Briski
: Aurora is a 30 year old girl who lives with her partner. After he unexpectedly proposes marriage, the connection between them begins to change. A film about how contemporary relationships  
We Bought a Haunted House (2018 ) :Mystery 45 .
:Migdalia Etheridge Ray Etheridge
:Brittany Jane Arroyo Patrick Campion Benjamin C. Clark Tracy Donovan
: John and Kathy Burns have purchased the house of their dreams, not realizing that it is haunted by the ghost of a murder victim. . They move into their new home on Halloween, and are  

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