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The American War (2018 ) : 52 .
:Daniel L. Bernardi
:Huynh Thi Binh Huynh Duc Vo Cao Loi Nguyen Thi Nhu Mai
: The American War tells the story of the Vietnam War from the perspective of six Vietcong veterans: a soldier, an officer, an informant, a guerilla, a My Lai survivor and the leader of the  
Cry of the Magpie (2018 ) :Drama,Horror,Thriller .
:Anthony M. Winson
:Tiffany-Ellen Robinson Sarah Ellis Simon Crudgington Stella Lock
: Elizabeth Pike is finally released from Meltonhurst hospital after 15 years into the custody of her older sister Margaret Pike. Elizabeth seems withdrawn and constantly on edge. She's  
The Hunt and Hunted (2018 ) :Comedy,Drama .
:Jonathan Rome
:Tristen Tecala Jonathan Rome Mara Salinas Kazi Medina
: In this coming-of-age dramedy, two best friends test their own beliefs, relationships, and sexualities in an attempt to find themselves before leaving high school.
The Only Game in Town (2018 ) :Comedy 100 .
:Stuart Cresswell
:Jesse Hemmings Jessie Craig David Mortimer Aldo Orsi
: Cormack Vertue is an autistic teenager with a unique ability - he never fails to get out at solitaire. This makes him a prime candidate for the school solitaire team and gives him an  
Sarv Zire Ab (2018 ) :Drama,War .
:Mohammad Ali Bashe Ahangar
:Babak Hamidian Masoud Rayegany Reza Behbudi Mina Sadati
End of the World Rocks (2018 ) :Drama 77 .
:Bruce Hyer
:Mo Collins Tyler Kipp Shane McCourt Gant Montgomery
: Former defense attorney Lee Riffle is hoping for some peace and quiet when he takes the job of Sheriff in a rural WV county, but his expectations are turned inside out when a local drug dealer is murdered.
Classacts (2018 ) :Comedy .
:Steven Krasner
:Demetrios Alex Hugo Alonzo Chloe Brown Fernando Garcia
: A group of high school misfits who cant stay out of trouble are given an assignment in their broadcasting class in order to graduate. all hell breaks loose. late nights and crazy antics are  
Le Triangle Rouge (2018 ) : .
:Romain Martens
:Victor Bertrand Beverlye Geiregat Romain Martens Sophie Meerts
Super Special (2018 ) :Horror .
:Brinke Stevens Emily Rainey Julian Wells Daniel Emery Taylor
The Sea Witch (2018 ) :Horror .
:Tony London
: An American salvage crew discover a mysterious sunken U-boat off the coast of Germany, and the Seaport of Cuxhaven begins to experience horrific haunting.
Let's Make It (2018 ) :Drama .
:Jason Winn
:Sisse Marie Grant McGowen
SML Vs Venom (2018 ) :Action 85 .
:Jacob Jean
:Jacob Jean Chris Netherton Lovell Stanton Lance Thirtyacre
The Willows (2018 ) :Comedy,Thriller 95 .
:Roger Bowmer Gaz Davies Bill Harrington Keith Arksey
: The Willows care home promises a better life for Michael's father towards his remaining years, but things take a turn when a mischievous prank goes wrong.
Bir Xalanin Sirri (2018 ) :Comedy .
:Emil Guliev Rovshan Agayev
:Ilkin Hasani Ramil Babayev Elshan Orujov Azer Bakhshaliyev
: Shemi and Shoshu force Gambar to marry with Shoshu's sister. They decide to celebrate Shoshu's sister's wedding at Baku. After taking a pill Shemi and Shoshu wake up, with no memory of the  
24 Kisses (2018 ) :Romance .
:Ayodhyakumar Krishnamsetty
:Hebah Patel Adith Arun Rao Ramesh V.K. Naresh
By Day's End (2018 ) :Horror,Romance .
:Michael Souder
:Lyndsey Lantz Andrea Nelson Joshua Keller Katz Bill Oberst Jr.
: Love is never an easy road. No one knows that better than Carly and Rina, whose relationship takes a turn for the worse after Carly decides to drop out of med school and Rina loses her job  
The Silent Princess (2018 ) :Drama .
:Alexx Thompson
:Seda Egridere Mark Harley Kristen Hansen Sophie Brabenec
: Azra Aydin is finally pursuing her lifelong dream. Having spent the last four years in Istanbul developing her skills as a curator, she is now ready to embark on a journey that will  
Dwie Korony (2018 ) :Biography 92 .
:Michal Kondrat
:Cezary Pazura Adam Woronowicz
Junior Chainz (2018 ) :Romance .
:Joshua A. Villalta
:Alex DeCourville Mark Falvo John Geisman Jr. Rob Grant
: A disc golf player name Junior Chainz just became best in the United States, problem is the other countries want in on it, Those Canadians aye, send a girl spy to take down Chainz, but does her emotions get in the way?
Paper flags (2018 ) :Drama 102 .
:Nathan Ambrosioni
:Noémie Merlant Guillaume Gouix
: He is 30 and just got out of jail after 12 years of detention. She is almost 24 and has a simple life away from the city. One day, he comes to her and she let him stay with her. That's  
Chauffeur (2018 ) :Comedy .
:Derek DeRoche
:Miyoko Sakatani Nate Duncan Natalie Hardt Kerstin Frailey
Brexit Boys (2018 ) :Drama .
:Tokodi Sandor
:Papp Oliver Viktor Penzes Salajka Marek Slavkovska Miroslava
: Three foreigners with the same circle of friends, living the dream in London. Their life is about to change due to the EU referendum.
Buy Sell Trade (2018 ) :Comedy .
:Brandon Guiles Cory Hearns
:Kyle Blair Mark Ginter Brandon Guiles Chris Kendrick
: It's the last day Carl and Jeff's video game store is open. Will they come up with the funds to save it? Or will it be game over?
Der Boden unter den F?ssen (2018 ) :Drama .
:Marie Kreutzer
:Dominic Marcus Singer Mavie Hörbiger Pia Hierzegger Valerie Pachner
Time Jumpers (2018 ) :Sci-Fi .
:Svend Ploug Johansen
:Taylor Gerard Hart Mathilde Norholt Petra Staduan
Visconti's Eagles (2018 ) :Biography 53 .
:Claudio Costa
:Cesare Erminio Gino Pizzati Luigi Gorrini Olimpio Agostinis
OB Movie: Go To The Dark (2018 ) :Action,Adventure,Comedy 51 .
:Johnny John
:Thanh An Minh Anh Ngoc Duong Johnny John
: After T's amnesia treatment, J discovers that B Guy is still alive and he is planning to bring the world into the dark. J and the team must stop them before colliding with the second Earth.
Keep me company (2018 ) :Mystery 88 .
:Gonçalo Almeida
:Cleia Almeida Filipa Areosa Eunice Muñoz
Guardia de Male (2018 ) :Comedy,Horror 64 .
:Brian Kilby
:Amanda Bell Patrick L. Dear Adam Lorenz Brian Papandrea
: Four friends take a camping trip through a secluded forest to get away from the city life. Unbeknownst to them, an evil roams within the woods.
Stunted (2018 ) :Comedy 54 .
:Elijha Jefferson Caleb Rice
:Becca Aho Kassem Darwich Kelly Dear Kurt Doelle
: A young stunt enthusiast, Gavin Gorski, sets out to perform a crowd pleasing stunt. With Harold Hubbord standing in his way will he end in success or failure?
Highlight (2018 ) :Drama .
:Asghar Naimi
:Pejman Bazeghi Sam Gharibian Elahe Hesari Maggie Parto
Death in Berruecos (2018 ) :History,Thriller 145 .
:Caupolican Ovalles
:Luis Gerónimo Abreu Malena González Laureano Olivares Rosalinda Serfaty
: Ten years after General Antonio José de Sucre - Grand Marshal of Ayacucho- was murdered in the Berruecos jungle, Colombia. The inquiry into his death is reopened, Captain Alejandro Godoy  
The Epoch (2018 ) :Drama .
:Wes Sutton Kalina de Moura
:Nicole Holt Jan Duncan Weir Aaron Maynard Hunter Wilson
: Brazil,1831 slavery is legally heading to its final decades - tension rises among the plantation ownersa child is born - values and the most basic kind of love once forgotten is brought back into humanity - History changes forever.
The Extraordinary World of Cecily Blinkstop (2018 ) :Drama,Family 17 .
:Jennifer Potts
:Colbi Gannett Ava Gaudet Molly Jane McCarthy Will Bouvier
: Following the death of her baby sister, 7-year old Cecily creates an imaginary friend who joins Cecily on the quest to save her family from the grief that is destroying them.
Flamingo (2018 ) :Drama 92 .
:Richard Riddiford
:Emma Leonard Ryan O'Kane
: Frankie and Ben take a walk on the wild side after they are stranded together on a rooftop for the weekend when the door blows shut following an office party.
The Dog Killer's Trial (2018 ) :Drama 64 .
:Gabriel Reyes
:Roberto Cavazos Anna Cetti Emilia Garcia Lucía Gómez-Robledo
Madame de Void: A Melodrama (2018 ) :Drama,Fantasy 45 .
:Felix Bernstein Gabe Rubin
:Felix Bernstein Gabe Rubin Ed Malone Sarah Krasnow
: The story of fashion designer Madame de Void's love for her pup, Blot, as she grooms him for fur.
Break-Up (2018 ) :Comedy .
: An OCD gay man finds his intellectual soul mate in a struggling actress.
(2018 ) :Comedy,Family,Romance .
:Konstantin Fam
:Svetlana Khodchenkova Rinal Mukhametov Vyacheslav Chepurchenko Evgeniy Gerasimov
Shraap (2018 ) :Horror .
:Faisal Saif
:Rajpal Yadav Yashpal Sharma Aman Verma Kavita Radheshyam
Golden Triangle Rescue (2018 ) : .
:Zhang Tao
:Chalee Qiaodan Li Yusi Peng Prab
Kanni Vedi (2018 ) :Action .
Malcriados (2018 ) :Comedy .
:Giancarlo Beras-Goico
:Shailyn Sosa Carmen Rodríguez Joshua Wagner Pamela Sued
John Mellencamp: Plain Spoken (2018 ) : .
Venicio the Movie (2018 ) :Animation .
:Venicio Martinez
:Eric Julie Shy Girl Kimberly
: Venicio Becomes Famous In GoCity That 4 Year Old Caillou Anderson Tried To Defeat Him By Kidnapping His 3 Friends And 2 Family Members. Can Venicio Save GoCity.
A life with you (2018 ) :Comedy .
:Erion Kame
:Genti Kame Ajsi Xhaxhaj Sindi Leka Dritan Arbana
Young & Alone (2018 ) :Drama .
:Anna Cespedes
:Jonny Bjørkhaug Marie Senghore Hannah Andersen Sam Pottorff
: We are in the year 2002, the sisters ALICE (26) and HELENE (18) just lost their grandmother who raised them. Left at a small farm in the fjords of Norway Alice decides for the first time in 
Fr?res d'arme (2018 ) :Drama .
:Sylvain Labrosse
:Vincent Rottiers Kévin Azaïs Pauline Parigot
Subrahmanyapuram (2018 ) :Thriller .
:Santhossh Jagarlapudi
:Sumanth Eesha Rebba Tanikella Bharani Vajja Venkata Giridhar
International Lovers (2018 ) :Action,Drama .
:Michael Patrick Jones
:Aleksander Vayshelboym Mike Guzman Lorraine Caporaso Ron Shimshilashvili

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