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Sooner or Later (2018 ) :Drama 96 .
:Luke Morgan
:Muireann Ní Raghallaigh Aeneas O'Donnell Anna O'Donnell Conor Quinlan
: A couple of elderly lovers, Thaddeus and Sally, are fed up with the nursing home where they spend their days and run off for a weekend on the Irish west coast with the intention to end  
Rom?n (2018 ) :Drama .
:Majo Staffolani de Amoriza
:Carlo Argento Gastón Cocchiarale Lara Crespo Gabriela Izcovich
Ong Kinh Sat Nhan (2018 ) :Crime,Thriller 110 .
:Vi Van Hua Diem My Khuong Ngoc Quang Su
City of Fog (2018 ) : 120 .
:Christopher Atkinson
:William Galatis Sheri Lee Dave Allen Doug Patteson
: A desperate detective must conquer his own personal demons while hunting an elusive arsonist.
No More Stolen Afternoons (2018 ) :Drama,Romance,Sci-Fi .
:Barry Germansky
:Liz Taylor Samantha Cole Riley Neldam Sean Rey
: A boy and a girl attempt to start a relationship together, oblivious to the fact that the world is about to be destroyed by mysterious forces.
Pretpostavka nevinosti (2018 ) : 90 .
:Jelena Markovic
:Marija Mijajlovic Marta Hadzimanov Milica Nikolic Sofija Djuric
Vertex (2018 ) :Drama,Romance,Sci-Fi 64 .
:Ciaran Lowry
:Ciaran Lowry Ceara Carney David Mahady Sean Coogan
: Mike has the ability to jump between parallel universes, universes similar to his own but with slight changes. However he can't jump back to his own universe. He enlists the help of two  
Pugazhendhi Enum Naan (2018 ) :Action 134 .
:Karu Pazhaniappan
Lisaa (2018 ) :Horror .
:Raju Viswanath
:Anjali Makrand Deshpande Yogi Babu
Three (2018 ) :Drama,Romance .
:A.R. Mavero
:Julian Gavilanes Donnell E. Smith Travis Bratten Mary Ann Axelsen
: One man receives an unexpected visit from a second man, with whom he reminisces about a life and love they both shared with a third.
Rose Colored Shades (2018 ) : 88 .
:Randy Sparks
:Rod Long Eleanor Ross Don MacEllis Doug Mackey
: Booze, betting and a botched job are making life hell for hit man Joe Ware (newcomer Rod Long.) With an unhinged bookie coming to collect, is Joe's mysterious benefactor the solution to all his problems or maybe the Devil himself?
Smut (2018 ) :Drama .
:Jonny Ryan
:Bailey Hayden Killian Garvan Ali McGuinness
: A struggling actor gets sucked into the seedy underground world of beat up pornography.
Faceless (2018 ) :Horror .
SEROTONINE (2018 ) : .
:Simon Charles
:Cosima Bevernaege Simon Charles Hugues Delamarliere Victoria Duquesne
Tristeza e Alegria na Vida das Girafas (2018 ) :Adventure .
:Tiago Guedes
:Gonçalo Waddington Miguel Borges Miguel Guilherme Isabel Abreu
Graybeard (2018 ) :Drama,Fantasy .
:Kaveh Ryndak
:Eloise Lushina William Kalinak Darren Hill Rose Sengenberger
: Meg is a young girl who runs away from her abusive alcoholic step father to take her chances on the streets of Chicago. She meets Walt, a self-reliant pirate, who teaches her to survive on her own by overcoming her fears.
ROH 16th Anniversary (2018 ) :Sport .
:Schuyler Andrews Luis Barrios Colt Cabana Bobby Cruise
: Fight card: Dalton Castle vs. Jay Lethal The Briscoes vs. Motor City Mchine Guns Cody vs. Matt Taven Punishment Martinez vs. Marty Scurll Social Uncensored vs. Adam Page and The Young Bucks 
Mouthful (2018 ) :Comedy .
:Alfio Foti
:Christian McKenna Allison Zwicker Liam Owens Dan Haug
: A day in the life of several drifting characters, both friends and strangers, hanging out in the suburbs of Richmond Hill, Ontario.
Imagens Proibidas (2018 ) :Romance .
:Hugo Diogo
:Elmano Sancho Diana Costa e Silva Ana Vilela da Costa Dinarte de Freitas
Lakeside Massacre (2018 ) :Horror .
:Al Topich
:Jordan Phipps Victoria Fox Caleb Allen Johnnie Brannon
: A group of campers travel to the lake for a fun-filled weekend of debauchery. But when they arrive, they become terrorized by a secret long hidden beneath the icy cold waters.
The Chorus (2018 ) :Sci-Fi 170 .
:Dan Starling
:Brennan Campbell Nyla Carpentier Stephanie Cho Aiden Cumming-Teicher
: The Chorus (2018) by Dan Starling This cinematic artwork addresses the decline and eventual dismissal of the chorus of ancient Greece from epic drama.
From All Corners (2018 ) : 93 .
:Ryusuke Okajima
:Michael Keida Fuyuki Shimazu
: From unnecessary to important. We throw our things away. What do we throw away? The things my ex-girlfriend gave to me for Christmas? I thought it was precious when I was in love with her.  
Lost in Avalon (2018 ) :Drama .
:Luciana Lambert
:Karen-Eileen Gordon Luciana Lambert
: Gwen is stuck in the island of Avalon with her arch-nemesis Margo. Desperate to leave, she must relive painful past experiences that brought the two women together, the same experiences  
Gezeichnet (2018 ) :Drama,Mystery,Thriller .
:Carolin Jahn
:Michael Epp Katja Woywood J. David Hinze Dieter B. Gerlach
Big Bear Weekend: Tangled Wed of Deceit (2018 ) :Comedy .
:Ted Trent
:Ted Trent Joan Marlowe Jerry Clark Lloyd Booker
El Ascensor (2018 ) :Sci-Fi .
:Daniel Bernal
:Marimar Vega Gorka Otxoa
Jatt and Yenkan (2018 ) :Drama .
:Laadi Dhillon
:Ramandeep Singh Aman Dhir Gurpreet Bhangu Malkeet Rauni
: Set in the world of guns and swords, an NRI Sikh boy comes back to Punjab and falls in love with a Muslim girl where everyone is against the relationship between these two religions.
Kolkatay Kohinoor (2018 ) :Drama .
:Santanu Ghosh
:Sabyasachi Chakraborty Soumitra Chatterjee Indrani Dutta
Ani Maane (2018 ) :Comedy 132 .
:Jay gb Patel
:Shiju Kataria Jay gb Patel
The Ghetto Gospel (2018 ) :Musical .
:Alek Gearhart Angel Sandoval
:Thomas Haley Manuel Eduardo Ramirez Selina Madrigal Gerald Parrish
: A young Christian man attempts to preach the Gospel to two gangs during a war between them.
Zgodbe iz kostanjevih gozdov (2018 ) :Drama 81 .
:Gregor Bozic
:Anita Kravos Giusi Merli Ivana Roscic Massimo De Francovich
: In the mid-20th century, in a forested valley between Italy and Yugoslavia, a stingy widower befriends a young woman and helps her depart across the ocean to find there a better life. A  
Girlfriends Past (2018 ) :Drama,Thriller .
:Larry Rosen
:Mike Vezza Gwenn Dara Ita Korenzecher Christie Ali
: Kevin doesn't have a care in the world. Until his ex girlfriends conspire together to kidnap him and teach him a lesson for the wrongs he has done to them.
Overdue (2018 ) :Comedy,Horror 110 .
:Stephen Folker
:Les Best Noelle Lake Robert Kemp Dick Lafrenz
: Pay the fines, or pay the price.
For the Love of a Butterfly (2018 ) :Romance .
: FOR THE LOVE OF A BUTTERFLY is a story of love, compassion, divine beauty and divine redemption. It is a heartfelt tale of love, with philosophical undertones that contemplate good and evil  
Happy Cleaners (2018 ) :Drama,Family 108 .
:Julian Kim Peter S. Lee
:Charles Ryu Yun Jeong
: When the Choi family lose their dry cleaning business, they learn to love each other to survive the crisis and heartaches that they cause each other.
Assimilation (2018 ) :Horror,Music,Sci-Fi 79 .
:John Norby
:Ashling Vieira Gary Hutton
: The near future. After scientific advances trigger an apocalyptic event a lone survivor must embark on a quest to reconnect with life.
Orgazmic Peroxide (2018 ) :Comedy,Horror,Sci-Fi .
:Manny Velazquez
:Manny Velazquez Angie Velazquez Jose Vargas Noemi Burgos Velazquez
: A town is infected with a virus of killer slugs that begin to invade and take control of SavageVille.
Talk with Me (2018 ) :Comedy,Talk-Show,Thriller .
:Adam Reeser
:Jackie Dallas Brennan Keel Cook Anthony Bratts Margo Hall
: ROGER is a disk jockey for a San Francisco radio station who is in for one hell of a night. Tortured by his past, he navigates through avid listeners while subconsciously attempting to decipher the meaning and connection behind every call.
The Woman in the Woods (2018 ) :Thriller .
: In the near future, a woman struggles to survive in an isolated mountain town following an apocalyptic event.
Tainted Love (2018 ) :Horror,Thriller .
:Dakota Thomas
: An international superstar's career and life are turned upside down after discovering an obsessed fan is stalking her.
corrido de Luis Pulido all? en el rancho la pe?a (2018 ) :Drama .
:John Gabito Angel
:Nestor Bojorquez Leo Bucio Eliud Díaz Zambrano Meneses Fernando
Veil of Dreams (2018 ) :Drama .
:Jiaqi Lin
:Leann Lei Celia Rosich Cary Woodworth Joakim Latzko
Kutrappayirchi (2018 ) :Drama .
:Trisha Krishnan Priyamani Super Subbarayan
We've Further Comments (2018 ) :Drama .
:Mohamed Ali
:Salma Abu-Deif Farouk Al-Fishawy Naglaa Badr Hazem Ehab
Cinta Itu Bangsat (2018 ) :Drama .
:Amir Pohan
:Valentine Payen Salvita Decorte Rio Dewanto Andrea Hachuel
Paper Tigers (2018 ) :Sport .
: Facing default on a mob loan and unable to make payroll, the desperate owner of the Miami Tigers takes a counterfeit team to England to play the vaunted Arsenal Gunners - unaware ESPN will televise the match back home and expose the sham.
Uncatchable (2018 ) :Action .
: Disgusted by the corrupt government and inspired by 80s Hollywood movies, Vassilis Paleokostas takes to a life of crime, jovially robbing banks and kidnapping billionaires then gleefully sharing his loot with the villagers.
Nishkinata (2018 ) :Horror .
:Angelina Nikonova
:Jim Gleason Ann Smith Neela Howard Tara Warren
Rykoszety (2018 ) :Drama .
:Jakub Radej
:Tomasz Schuchardt Andrzej Chyra Zuzanna Zielinska Marta Scislowicz
RSVP: The Short Film (2018 ) :Drama 20 .
:Adrian Orbe
:Jennifer Daley Jaron Adams Gladys Bautista Nicki Kelly
: Drugs and uninvited guest cause for madness at an artsy LA party.

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