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Padayottam (2018 ) :Comedy,Crime 134 .
:Rafeek Ibrahim Nithin Michael
:Biju Menon Anu Sithara Ravi Singh Lijo Jose Pellissery
: The shenanigans of a good-hearted goon (Biju Menon) and his chums as they try to earn some quick money in the world of local crime in Kerala.
Not Everyone Will Survive (2018 ) :Comedy,Romance 19 .
:Thibault Lang Willar
:Zacharie Chasseriaud Gaspard Meier-Chaurand Élise Louesdon
: Tom is 17 years old and he's in love with Léa, a one-legged young girl fascinated by survival skills. The problem is: his buddy Quentin loves her too. When Léa challenges them to butcher a  
The Executive (2018 ) :Drama 123 .
:Thomas Roberts
:Sean Adams Michelle Bergh Una Eggerts Vanessa Martinez
Sant Mart? (2018 ) :Thriller 80 .
:David C. Ruiz
:Olga Bernardo Guillem Fernàndez-Valls Anna Ferran Paco Moreno
Siberia and Him (2018 ) :Drama 77 .
:Viatcheslav Kopturevskiy
:Ilya Shubochkin Anastasiya Voskresenskaya
: Two men fall in love in a run-down town of Siberia, Russia.
Our Father (201 ) :Drama .
:Ernesto Rivas
:GiGi Erneta Timothy Birt Kimberley Bliquez Jessica Gonzales
The Charter (2018 ) :Thriller 96 .
:Joseph Edward Schur
:Dominique Smith Werner Artinger Gabriel Gherutchi Crisencio Amiana
Mutants (2018 ) :Horror .
:Matt Cloude
:Scott Tepperman Jim O'Rear
Doll Factory: The Musical (2018 ) :Drama .
:Shaneika Johnson-Simms
:Jonathan Nyati Richard Sandling Tia Noakes Samantha Seager
Cries of Silence (2018 ) :Fantasy,Horror,Mystery 136 .
:Leonel Ortega-Valdez
:Lien Mya Nguyen Kate Horn Dominique Whitney Thomas Billy Burgess
: A young woman is trapped in her apartment by unseen, otherworldly forces and her new life goal is to survive and escape.
Valentins Day (2018 ) :Comedy .
:Dipam Kundu Nadu Gopal Mandal
:Gouri Ash Swantana Basu Biswajit Chakraborty Parthasarathi Chakraborty
Alfama em Si (2018 ) :Musical .
:Diogo Varela Silva
:Ricardo Ribeiro José Raposo Pedro Caeiro Márcia Breia
: Municipal Officials, hanging on ladders, are installing a large set of surveillance cameras in the old neighborhood of Alfama. The dwellers sadly notice, with some nostalgia, that an entire 
Great White Abyss (2018 ) : 45 .
:Jeff Kurr
:Jason Hildebrandt Bryan Hess Brandon McMillan Mauricio Hoyos Padilla
Before the Vows (2018 ) :Comedy 88 .
:Nicole Amarteifio
:Maame Adjei Henry Adofo John Dumelo Jeffrey Forson
: Set in the capital of Ghana, the film captures the relationship between a happy couple, Nii and Afua, as they navigate the anxiety of their upcoming nuptials and question what it takes to  
Perfectly Oblivious (2018 ) :Drama .
:Honeymoon Aljabri
:Ash Tholpady Nima Naserzadeh Charles Viney Jr. Bridgette L Collins
: A story about twins who go on a journey to search for their biological father.
Juan y Vanesa (2018 ) :Drama 97 .
:Ianis Guerrero
:Diana Aguilar Ricardo Ian Karen Martí Fermín Martínez
: When Juan, a 35-year-old truck driver learns he has a daughter, he decides to become responsible. He quits alcohol and takes one last chance at his job, to deliver various goods to Mexico  
The Things We Do (2018 ) :Drama,Thriller 12 .
:Mohsen Shah
:Rosalind March Meneka Das Benjamin Farry Ali Khan
: A monstrous act meets the power of a mother's love
myPhone (2018 ) :Drama 89 .
:Micheal Bafaro
:Michael Mitton Colm Hill Don Knodel Joseph Frangie
: After Micheal's phone gets stolen, an oddball stranger uses GPS to help him track the phone to the sketchiest neighborhood, where Micheal's personal issues don't compare to the problems facing the city's most marginalized groups.
La Inevitable Muerte del Cangrejo (2018 ) :Thriller .
:Ahcitz Azcona
:Costanza Andrade Carlos Hoeflich Yuriria Munguía Ricardo Niño
Hayao Miyazaki's Unititled Film (2018 ) :Animation .
Senja Chronicles (2018 ) :Action,Adventure,Horror .
:Fansu Njie
: A former Norwegian soldier loses his family in a terrifying home invasion. With the help from a group of NATO-commandos they hunt the villains through old war tunnels in the North of Norway.
A Light in the Woods (2018 ) :Sci-Fi .
:Steven Bonds
:Clayton Watson Lana Asanin Tobie Famusipe Joe O'Dell
: A farmer has cattle missing from the property and hires two hunters to sort out the issue.
Afterbirth (2018 ) :Comedy .
:Jennifer Hatley
Athens Beat (2018 ) : .
:Vangelis Bekas
:Kostas Kolimenos Spiros Mastoras Manolis Kariotakis Fotis Athanasiou
: A writer is searching for a playful hero in crisis-stricken Athens, someone who lives every minute as if it were his last one. He finally realises that, during the crisis, Athens has transformed into a genuine underground, weird city.
The Power of Forgiveness (2018 ) :Drama .
:Miranda K. Spigener
:Chalet Lizette Brannan Valentina Latyna Plascencia Michael James Lazar Ross Gosla
: The Power of Forgiveness tells the story of how grudges can destroy one's life.
14 jours, 12 nuits (2018 ) :Drama .
:Jean-Philippe Duval
:Anne Dorval François Papineau
10 Nahi 40 (2018 ) :Drama .
:Dr. J.S. Randhawa
:Birbal Manmauji Ramesh Goyal Manoj Bakshi
: An educational film sending a message to the society to understand and care for the elderly.To know their insecurities and fears as they approach the twilight of their lives. Story begins See full synopsis 
Taking a Little Time to Feel Sorry for Myself (2018 ) :Comedy,Drama 76 .
:Joel Haver
:McGregory Frederique Emerald Toller Gary Cook Jr. Joel Haver
: Bud and Judith's relationship is coming to an end. Bud, a clueless moron, doesn't know how to feel about that.
Let It Shine (2018 ) :Family 98 .
:Amy Shirley
:Ashley Ali J. Zoë Ball Sally Bi Daniel Cea
Telephone (201 ) :Comedy,Mystery,Thriller .
:Jerzain Ortega
:Hélène Gem Ralph Johnston Aurelie Roy Guillermo Barragán
Waterproof (2018 ) :Comedy,Romance 73 .
:Joel Hewett
:Joel Hewett Lauren Dunlop Lewis Skelly Linzi Jamieson
: Jack is in a rut and unsure what to do with his life. He tries to stay focused and get his life in order, but all manner of distractions get in the way.
La Otra Pen?lope (2018 ) : .
:Bladimir Abud
:Shalim Ortiz Frank Perozo Francisco Gattorno Anthony Alvarez
Bohemia (2018 ) :Comedy 45 .
:Alexander Hugo
:Danny Castellon Alfredo J.A. Castillo Van De La Plante Diego E. Delgado
Pegasus: On The Brink (2018 ) :Comedy,Drama 119 .
:Yu Yu
: The President of the United States of Oceania decides to launch a nuclear strike to destroy the Obedience Federation in ten days. This top-secret memo is captured by Dr. Young. To avoid a  
Diciembres (2018 ) :Drama .
:Enrique Castro Ríos
:Delicia de Montañez Jeronimo Henao Luis Juliao Carlos Alfredo Lopez
Merci pour les cles (2018 ) :Comedy .
:Romain Mogenet Régis Van Houtte
:Régis Van Houtte Sébastien Bonnet Chloé Dumas Cédric Clodic
Ghost Tale (2018 ) :Horror .
:Katherine King
:Johanna Stanton Jane Paul-Gets Edmund Duff Daniel James De Bourg
: A couple buy a bargain house and become trapped in one room by a murderous spirit. Through misinformation, they discover who died and how it affects their future.
El Sicario (2018 ) :Action .
:Ricky Gonzalez
:Osvaldo Fernandez Alejandro Zenni Heriberto Lebron
Runanubandha (The He Without Him) (2018 ) : 110 .
:Amartya Bhattacharyya
:Sushant Misra Tushar Roy Priyanka Ghosh Roy Swastik Choudhury
: Runanubandha is a term used in spirituality which refers to the body's memory, which comprises of genetic memory and memory of intimate physical connect. It is this memory which is said to  
Letting You Know Me (2018 ) :Drama 88 .
:Lincoln Hall
:Emily Havea Kirby Burgess Donna Turner Yvette Lee
: A young man struggles to speak about his mental health with the four most important women in his life. and Friends Featuring the Black Eyed Peas - Landmarks Live in Concert: A Great Performances Special (2018 ) :Music .
:Daniel E. Catullo The Black Eyed Peas Lucy Graves Alexandra Kaye
: reunites with the Black Eyed Peas at London's Royal Albert Hall.
The Fear Of The Bottom (2018 ) :Drama 90 .
:Mike Redd
:Bryan Maurice P.E. Ingraham Holly Danelle Tristan David Luciotti
Screwed Up Christmas (2018 ) :Comedy .
:Ms. Cat
:Kalum Johnson Cedric Esg Hill Eric Bates Courtney Hall
: The church is going under because of negative allegations being brought up about the pastor, also haven't been paying their taxes. The Pastor's estranged sons to come together with the congregation to help save the church before Christmas.
Le Miroir (2018 ) :Drama .
:Marc Joly-Corcoran
:Bénédicte Décary Lise Roy Guillaume Cyr Normand Daneau
The Blind Owl: Boofe Koor (2018 ) : 90 .
:Mazdak Taebi
:Sasan Ghahreman Tashdid Mania
: A surreal-noir psychological portrait of a man in despair after losing a mysterious lover.
SingleVille (2018 ) :Comedy 73 .
:Mary McCallum Meleisha Edwards
:Molly Breen Mary McCallum Tamiko Robinson Steele Addy Biggers
: Three women strive to navigate though the thicket of love, singlehood, and survival.
The Visiting Professor (2018 ) :Thriller .
: An American Professor moves to Oxford with his picture perfect family for a sabbatical only to discover that things are not as they seem.
Rubb Rakha (2018 ) :Drama 133 .
:Minar Malhotra
:Surjit Khan Amanda Jean McIntyre Gary Sanghera
Plan B (2018 ) :Crime,Thriller .
:Vishal Zaki
:Mohamed Faisal Ismail Rasheed Jumayyil Nimal Mariyam Majudha
: The movie is based on a fictional story on one of the most common issues prevailing in Maldivian society. Two druggies plan to steal all the stash of their dealer. As they go in, each one  
The Victory of Time: Part I - Summer (2018 ) :Drama,Romance 30 .
:Bruno Manguen
:Madieu Nguyen Pablo Konrad Franziska Ferrari Laura-Anthea Heyner
: Girl meets boy. They fall in love. Life gets in the way.

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