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Maut Phir Aayegi (2018 ) :Horror 90 .
:Agrawal Mukesh Narayan Vinod Tripathi
:Parveer Aggrawal Neeta Yadav
: A One night Horror Fiction based on true events, group of friends go for a trip and stuck in a lonely jungle, stays overnight in abandoned resort and paranormal activities happen.
Watashino Jinsei Nanoni (2018 ) :Music 103 .
:Keinosuke Hara
:Mariko Akama Yuria Eda Atsushi Fukazawa Takao Handa
: Mizuho is dedicated and practices hard to realize her ambition to be an elite gymnast, but one day on the mat she finds herself hunched over writhing in excruciating pain. She finds herself 
Flirting with Azrael: A Psychedelic Rock Musical (2018 ) :Comedy,Horror,Musical .
:Douglas Stuart McDaniel Stephen Zimmerman
:My'Chyl Purr Kelly Shipe Daniel Luce Jamison Stalsworth
: From John Tod Baker's 2015 album, a woman abused by her husband gets fed up and murders him. Unsatisfied with how he dies, she finds a re-animation clinic to bring him back to life in order to kill him again and again.
Taapmaan (2018 ) :Action,Drama 70 .
:Prashast Singh
: An independent filmmaker's struggle for justice begins after he's framed by an online critic for making a snuff film.
El tipo que se quebr? las u?as por querer agarrar un coraz?n dibujado en el pavimento (2018 ) :Comedy,Drama,Romance 99 .
:Bárbara Wilson Daktor Perini Marcos Araya Mariela Morales
Prom Queen (2018 ) :Thriller .
:Noah Nicholas Nelson
:Edith Snow Camryn Leigh Nick Ronzo Micah Auler
: Former prom queen Joy is now an agoraphobic hoarder who is coping with the death of her husband and empty nest syndrome. Her world is further turned upside down when a man she rejected in  
The Grail (2018 ) :Comedy .
:Adam Maurer Mike Yosh
:Adam Maurer Paul Alcaraz Jennifer Clarke Samantha Jean
: On the eve of Johnny moving out, he reluctantly agrees to have one last party with his immature half brother Charlie and weird roommate Tim to celebrate their time together.
Livin' the Dream (2018 ) :Comedy .
:Jake Diamond
:Lowell Byers James Patrick Nelson Jevon McFerrin Lindsay Brill
Seth and Tia (2018 ) :Action,Comedy,Crime 105 .
:Steve Hasse
:John Vella Kara Joy Reed Deborah Chenault-Green Dan Lang
: Two patients, Seth and Tia develop a friendship during their stay in a mental institution. They decide to make a plan to break out, but they can't do it alone,so they ally with an enemy  
Ikiru machi (2018 ) :Drama .
:Hideo Sakaki
:Mari Natsuki Hideko Hara Arata Horii Hôshi Ishida
: Chieko Sato lives in the seaside town of Ishinomaki where she was born and raised. She has lived a happy life with her fisherman husband and 2 children. Her life changed after the 2011  
Angti Rohosso (2018 ) :Thriller .
:Mohammed Ismail
:Dhiru Banerjee Angela Chakraborty Aniket Chatterjee Susovan Das
: A Married Couple Sourav and Urmila goes for their honeymoon in a Resort . There they also meet an another couple over there. After staying for 2 days they feel something haunting . Urmila a  
The Jeff Show Movie (2018 ) :Comedy 81 .
:Jeffrey Ashkin
:Sammy Anderson Alex Preble Jeffrey Ashkin Keeanu Peneueta
: An out-of-work actor starts a web series with his deranged roommate.
Sakha (2018 ) :Drama .
:Pranshu Shrivastav
:Pranshu Shrivastav Raghw Raj Saleem Raj Preksha Mehta
E.V.I.E. (2018 ) :Thriller .
:Sam Siragusa
The Bathtub Murders (2018 ) :Crime,Drama,Mystery .
:Jenell Diegor
:Jason Croot Tsu Shan Chambers Lora Moss Manoj Anand
: The gory crime that hit the headlines is eerily similar to the murder of Derek Pike years ago. Is it the work of a serial killer? Detective Wilson is determined to find out.
Sanfelices (2018 ) :Drama 102 .
:Roberto Lázaro
:Flora López Óscar Abad Julio Arnau Catala Clara Alvarado
: Manuel is a young student whose life completely changes when his mother Elena, has a stroke. Over her recovery, Elena meets a peculiar guy named Carmelo, who's passionate about astronomy, Whos's changed her view of her own destiny.
TCB Thunder Missions (2018 ) :Action .
:James Alcorn Keisha Jackson Jonathan Charles Roberts
:Carlo Martini Debra Poirier Celine Alva Phillip Lin
: This pulse pounding ACTION thriller and Personal revenge. Music Rock promoter who must revel where his Son is been Kidnapped by the Mob they decide to hold him for Ransom, He needs to  
Lost Angels: Los Angeles (2018 ) :Drama,Romance,Sci-Fi 80 .
:Rylan Chen
:Rylan Chen Mia Clifton Michael Coleman Madison Fitts
: After his estranged mother passes away, Gary Lee struggles to find a deeper meaning in life until he stumbles into a Chinese temple in the heart of LA and suddenly, his life is changed forever.
Brink (2018 ) :Drama 91 .
:Shanna Becker
:Kit Vinsick Mu-Shaka Benson Rocco Graziano Mindy Miner
The Great Muse (2018 ) :Drama 97 .
:Abdulrahman Khawj
:Ismail Alhassan Ziad Mimani Mohammad Alsultan Haifa Abdh
: Nawaf, a high-school graduate in Saudi Arabia is under pressure to pick a college major. While everyone tells him what they think is best for him, he roams the city in search for an answer of his own.
Polterheist (2018 ) :Crime,Horror .
:Rokki James Christian Rivera Alejandro Adorno E. George Betz
Ramanin Mohanam Janaki Mandhiram (2018 ) :Romance .
:Rajiv Menon
:Janani Iyer G.V. Prakash Kumar
Franchesca (2018 ) :Comedy .
:Kaitlin Fontana
: Comedian Franchesca Ramsey explores the topics of beauty and fashion.
Achamillai achamillai (2018 ) :Drama .
:Muthu Gopal
:Muthu Gopal Ameer Sultan Chandini Tamilarasan
Young Americans (2018 ) :Drama,Thriller 92 .
:Omar Salas Zamora
:Calvin Picou Nic Azad Olivia Worthen Joshua Berduo
: In Los Angeles, three old high school friends find themselves in a complicated relationship that turns violent.
Fall (2018 ) :Drama .
:Bryan Dobson
Killy Billy (2018 ) :Action,Drama,Horror .
:Hunter Burkhead Jerry Burkhead Dennis Miller Jr.
: Killy Billy; The truth behind the mask of a young killer, is he human or a demon.
Mentamorphosis (2018 ) :Drama,Sci-Fi 89 .
:Rany Naser
:Alex Cruz Kate McArthur Michael McLeister Andris Yerkavits
: Mentamorphosis tells people what to do, how to think, and where to work. For 100 years, this flawless system brought balance and peace . A revolution sparks when a caretaker transforms to a 
The Marvin Case (2018 ) :Comedy 70 .
:Lewis Eizykman
:Lionel Laget Rurik Sallé Julien Girbig Jocelyne Vignon
: How could the disappearance of a simple cat lead to the biggest financial crisis of all times? French documentary filmmaker Thomas Lafite went out looking for an answer: his film The Marvin  
We Used To Know Each Other (2018 ) :Comedy,Drama 76 .
:Robert G. Putka
:Clare McNulty Essa O'Shea Ashley Lenz Sandra Cóias
: Amid the dried out-and-dead desert oasis of suburban Las Vegas, and after three years apart, a young couple decides it's finally time to move in with each other and take their relationship to the next level.
Austin Weird (2018 ) :Comedy 90 .
:Dillon Cameron
:Joe Bunner Eman Esfandi Michael Rodriguez Kathryn Sparks
State of Delinquency (2018 ) :Drama .
:Tony Bumgarner Angela Makeever
:Quintin Mack Shawn Jackson Dakota Shepard Jansen Hammock
: This is a story of four lives facing an unfortunate consequence from the result of bullying. Based on actual events.
Ten-Cent Daisy (2018 ) : .
:Lisbon Okafor
:Ameenah Kaplan Jon Lindstrom Don Williams Gordon Greene
Urban Shakedown (2018 ) :Comedy .
:Travis Ammons
:David Matranga Larissa Dali Michelle Elaine Wayne Dehart
: A mafia princess plans the ultimate frame job on an unsuspecting idiot and his sidekick, but the tables turn when she realizes she has fallen for him.
Eternal Instants (2018 ) :Drama,Romance 22 .
:Kevin Bonarrigo
:Marlene Chauviere Cecilia Tognola Luis Gutmann Ivan Szkolnik
: Chiara and Lucas met at the university in Buenos Aires. He wants to be a businessman, she wants to live in Paris. Twenty years later, a prominent diplomat returns to her home country to  
One Last Kill (2018 ) :Horror .
:Tom Wadlow
:Nicole Faraday Douglas Fielding Richard Mark Cara Middleton
: Sociopathic serial killer desperately tries to abstain from murdering the married woman he falls in love with - But will her husband get to her in time?
Imprint A Call for Help (2018 ) :Drama .
:Lil Craig of 2Reel Braylene Adams Marques Adams-Coopeer Kanesha Agnew
Finding Christmas (2018 ) :Drama .
:David W. Richardson
:Sadie Forbes Jordan D. Grant Rebecca Foy Jake Baysden
: Amanda and her friends are in a fight with City Hall to remind their small town that Christmas is NOT Santa's birthday. But it's going to take a miracle.
Project 74 (2018 ) :Crime .
:Robert Artz RJ Howard Miguel Montano CJ Parson
El Silencio de Augusto (2018 ) :Drama .
:Adrian Contreras
:Eduardo Azuri Regina Orozco Barbara Torres Diana Lein
: Augusto, a university professor finds his wife in bed with another man. Augusto shoots himself with a pistol in front of them. He survives in quadriplegia, can not speak or move. He will try to recover to come back to life.
Telltale (2018 ) :Thriller .
:Charles A. Baird
:Carly Jones Carl Weber Charles A. Baird Jessica Quintero
: When Anna finds the Telltale dating app on her boyfriend Edgar's phone she suspect infidelity--again. As she uncovers the truth, things spin dangerously out of control in this modern  
My Friend, Tucker (2018 ) :Comedy,Drama 76 .
:Clarence Williams IV
:Mitchell Edwards Avery Anthony
: A troubled young man named Hamilton returns home for the first time in years since leaving for college and reconnects with his childhood best friend, Tucker. The two reflect on life, love, adulthood, and the ups and downs of childhood.
Earth (2018 ) :Drama 86 .
:Chandrasekaram Visakesa
: In a dilapidated rural courthouse a mother seeks justice for her son abducted by paramilitary men during the 1988/89 insurgency in Sri Lanka.
Midnight Fighter (2018 ) :Drama .
:David Scheinbaum
:Kelly Lynn Reiter Carrie Jo Crosby Brennan Dyson Jacquelyne Delgado
: An old troubled fighter gets a second chance at an impossible comeback, when he meets a young girl who has the ability to train a fighter.
Boundary (2018 ) : .
:Anthony Faust
:James Davenjay George Katt Juliana Aiden Altorro Prince Black
: A troubled veteran takes desperate measures to protect his unborn child.
Partiu Paraguai (WT) (2018 ) :Romance .
:Daniel Lieff
:Bruna Linzmeyer Johnny Massaro Felipe Camargo
Winter Nightswimming (2018 ) :Crime .
:Marco Pra Levis Barizza
:Enrico Bergamasco Andrea Pergolesi Valerio Mazzucato Andrea Rossi
Hebe (2018 ) :Biography,Drama .
:Maurício Farias
:Andrea Beltrão Danton Mello Marco Ricca Daniel Boaventura
(2018 ) :Action,Drama,Fantasy .
:Constantine Tupitsyn
:Constantine Tupitsyn Mikhail Morozov Alexander Maltsev Anastasiya Rusakova
Salvation (2018 ) :Drama 100 .
:Carmen Sangion
:Clayton Evertson Vatiswa Ndara Vinette Ebrahim Nandi Nyembe
: A young man on the run from the law goes in search of his estranged sister, a hopeless stripper discovers the son she never knew, and a priest suffering a crisis of faith reconnects with his spirituality.

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